Calling and Texting Software for Wireless Retail

> Use employee downtime to drive revenue in your wireless retail store

> Improve Customer Satisfaction by 6%

> Average store will generate $1915 per month in extra revenue

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We make importing your data easy.

Our simple to use import allows you to export one report in RQ4 directly into CallProof. We give you a simple way to take your transaction data, upgrade eligible customer lists, and new leads you may have purchased and make it instantly available in CallProof. You can do this daily, weekly, monthly, or whenever you feel like. We can auto-calculate your customer's assumed eligibility date based on the transaction information regardless of what carrier you partner with.

Call Recording is the best training tool money can buy.

Reps who record their calls, listen to them, and self coach typically reach a level of confidence and skill with over-the-phone activities 200% faster than those who won't. We A/B tested a team of reps from one of the country's largest wireless dealers and found that reps who used call recording were able to accomplish in 2 weeks worth of training what typically takes 6 weeks to become skilled at. Managers can go back and listen to call, send good calls to the team, and even rate them on a 1-5 star scale. Simply doing the call and having the manager review it will also drastically reduce chargebacks. If there is a problem, you know right away and your managers can get that phone returned quickly.

Call Accounting: Know who hasn't been called!

Do you know how many of your customers HAVE NOT been called? How many of those customers turns into chargebacks or bad customer service surveys? You have no clue. CallProof will show you who hasn't been called so that your team can attack that list, ensure the customer is happy, and coach the customer on the survey. Dealers using CallProof typically see a 5% gain in Customer Satisfaction surveys within 60 days.

Texting is everything and you don't even know it.

Do you listen to every voicemail you get? Of course you don't. Your customers don't either. Why not follow up with a simple text to thank them for their business? Even better, send them a text to let them know an order is in. People can't always talk during your store hours, but they can most likely text. Increasing your interaction will only increase your profit. CallProof puts texting right at your fingertips. in your browser, and from your business phone. Spamming you customers is one thing, but speaking to them in the medium they are comfortable with gives you the upper hand and gives them an increased level of comfort with your money.

Leave the Perfect Voicemail.

Impressions matter, leaving an unenthusiastic voicemail is a waste of your time and payroll. Moreover up to 40% of the outbound calls your reps are making are likely to go to voicemail. Why not save time by using our Perfect Voicemail feature to leave pre-recorded and enthusiastic SALES GENERATING voicemails every time you can? Imagine the looks on your reps faces when you tell them they don't have to repeat themselves all day!

Key Benefits

Find Upgrade Customers - Your team will use CallProof to find eligible upgrade customers to call and text.
Improve Customer Service Scores - If your wireless carrier calls your customer after a sale is made you will see a 6% increase in those score by using our tool.
Prevent Chargebacks - Identify customers wishing to cancel because of issues with coverage and get equipment back saving you money.
Sell more add on's - With this tool data attachments will sky rocket!

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